Valerie's Northwest Adventure

This is all about what I'm doing in Seattle, my new home.

I saw Bowerbirds with London band Dry The River the other night! Here are some photos.

Our trip to Gasworks Park.

Birthday present from Jason… Love it!

Birthday present from Jason… Love it!

Carlie and Klayton’s engagement photos at Discovery Park! 

Man Man played at the Pacific Science Center’s Laser Dome last night. It was an interesting combination of Man Man going crazy and lasers on the ceiling. It reminded me of the Taproom because of where they had to play… There’s no stage in the Laser Dome so they were forced to play on the ground only feet in front of the audience at their level. The sound was horrible and the views were limited. Needless to say, the Laser Dome wasn’t exactly built for live concerts. It was still high energy and really fun.

Man Man came out for their encore and I was standing on the side shooting photos when a woman with a walkie talkie said to the cop in front of me that the fire alarm was going off and they were going to have to evacuate.
So it took a second to stop the show and then everyone was forced to leave.
We waited around for a second and then the band showed up outside. They came out for one last song and it was a really cool, intimate experience for everyone.

Day Two of City Arts Fest: Built to Spill, Disco Doom (of Switzerland) and Seapony (Seattle AND Lawrence natives, two of whom are from the former Lawrence band Transmittens).

I had the pleasure of attending City Arts Fest in Seattle as a member of the press for

This is Night One where I went to a crazy local show with rap group Mad Rad and new lady-rapper Katie Kate.

Here are a few photos!

PART TWO of the zoo!

PART ONE  Went to the Woodland Park Zoo! Wasn’t disappointed AT ALL! Here are some photos from our adventure!

Vancouver, B.C with our friend Jamie from London-town.